Our COVID19 Response

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At SCMG Enterprises, LLC, we take the safety of our customers and our staff seriously. While this is true every day, it’s especially important in this time of heightened health concerns going forward. Because our World Wide Web Site Store services play a vital role in maintaining business operations for many companies and organizations, we will be remaining open at this time. But, you can rest assured that we’re taking steps to minimize the impact of COVID-19.

How we are working to protect you

As per Federal, State and Local guidelines, we are making some changes to our normal operating procedures. We have have adopted rigorous cleaning protocols, and distancing measures for both staff and clients during the outbreak. While these adjustments certainly can be somewhat inefficient and / or awkward, they’re necessary to ensure both the health of our staff and those we serve.

  • Staff Care: Any staff / employees that can, or are showing symptoms will be asked to remain home and if possible, and work from home, during the stretch of the pandemic or until medically cleared.
  • Scheduling & Questions: When you call to make an appointment, our office team MAY ask if anyone in your office is symptomatic (…has had a fever, has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has been exposed to the virus…). Please note that answering “yes” to any of these will not disqualify you from on site service; it will just allow our staff to be properly equipped before entering your office. If it is a maintenance service; depending on the severity, we may ask you to reschedule at a later date.
  • Safety Measures: Troubleshooting equipment or software can sometimes be done from the phone, or by remote access, but there are times when our staff must visit onsite. In those situations, our staff will take extra precautions to minimize contact and keep a safe distance away from staff as best as possible
  • Distancing Efforts: Most of our staff will be relocated to remote locations during the COVID-19 outbreak. In some situations, we may ask to see pictures or videos of your equipment to better understand the problem you want addressed in order to optimize scheduling and help minimize face-to-face contact.

Impact on Services rendered

Our Hosting Service and Support Technicians are still on the job 24 / 7 / 365, and so there should be less impact on our Internet Services as a rule… but some delays may be experienced getting to the techs by phone during this time. Almost all of our other staff are still on the job – but mostly working remotely. This has a greater impact on the time to deliver our services, and respond to your needs in a timely fashion (at times) but certainly it has not diminished the quality of those services rendered. We therefore beg your indulgence if we seem a tad “aloof” in responding to you in a timely manner – as that is NEVER our intention !

World Wide Web Site Store
Our COVID19 Response

At SCMG Enterprises, LLC., we value your peace of mind. We understand the current situation may be more concerning for some of our clients than it is for others. We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding. As always, we wish you and your family, your staff and your business, good health and fortune, today and everyday.

SCMG Enterprises, LLC.

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