Traffic Products

Any website / URLs that has any of the following are not permitted: illegal, racist, or hateful content or websites with content we deem to be inappropriate for our visitors. Any Sites that contain Phishing URLs, Trojans, Adware, Malware, etc. or I-frames that redirect anywhere else, or websites with download prompts.

After you place an order, we manually set up your web traffic campaign. Typically, this happens within 12 hours. The campaign will then become active after our team has approved the landing page url. Most traffic campaigns are activated and start running within 24 hours after ordering. In no event shall we be held liable for any consequential, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or other damages whatsoever arising from the use of our service. We cannot be held responsible if your account is banned by any CPA or affiliate program. It is suggested that you read carefully the Terms of Service of any program you are planning to use with our service to make sure it is in compliance with their ToS.

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