Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service

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Sold as a monthly subscription per user… SELECT the number of Windows 10 DeskTops you need. If more than 32 – contact us for volume pricing.

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DaaS is Desktop virtualization, and is a software technology that separates the desktop environment and associated application software from the physical client device that is used to access it. It can be used in conjunction with application virtualization {“SaaS”} and user profile management systems, now termed “user virtualization”, to provide a comprehensive desktop environment management system. In this mode, all the components of the desktop are virtualized, which allows for a highly flexible and much more secure desktop delivery model. In addition, this approach supports a more complete desktop disaster recovery strategy as all components are essentially saved in our data centers and backed up through traditional redundant maintenance systems. If a user’s device or hardware is lost, the restore is straightforward and simple, because the components will be present at login from another device. In addition; data security is increased because typically no data is saved to the user’s device, so if that device is lost, there is virtually zero chance that any critical data can be retrieved and compromised. Furthermore; there is a distinct financial benefit – in that – variable annual Capital Expenses are reduced, and fixed monthly Operating Expenses are increased for the business.

We offer multi-user Cloud Desktops completely managed and live-monitored by a team of top tier professionals. Whether you’re looking for features such as moving a Windows application like QuickBooks to the cloud, providing cloud desktops to all, or just remote employees, or making sure that your entire office’s computers are immune against viruses and ransomware; our DaaS Cloud is what you’re looking for… As an added benefit – DaaS helps turn variable annual Capital Expenses into fixed budgeted monthly Operating Expenses !

HIPAA Compliant Cloud Desktops

With the rise of cybersecurity incidents and data breaches, you’re at risk of getting regulatory fines of the HIPAA if your cloud desktops are not compliant. With our Cloud hosted HIPAA compliant cloud desktops, so you don’t have to face those high regulatory fines. With the specific regulations needed on the web, it can be hard to keep track of the legal side. With our HIPAA compliant cloud desktops, we make sure that your operations will be secure, respect the law and save your costly fines. You don’t have to spend money with in-house audit about the HIPAA, since our cloud desktops are already compliant. Secure your infrastructure with our HIPAA compliant cloud desktops. We control how you use regulated data internally, manage data security and risk with formal policies and we Identify/respond to potential breaches of regulated data.

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