Regular Dual Targeted Web Site Visitor Traffic


Maximize the efficiency of your advertising campaign(s) with over 150 countries and available niches and interests to choose from.

Product Description

Constant visitor traffic is essential to a thriving online business. You can never have enough targeted web site traffic visitors. Your chance of selling a product or service is directly proportional to the level of  qualified targeted web site traffic visitors going to your website. Our traffic consist of unique ip, full page pop unders and expired domain traffic. Each form of traffic offers superior targeting and geotargeting options which delivered solid results. We are constantly improving our traffic, and customer service aspects to provide you with the best visitor traffic service.

Our traffic helps with these areas:

  • Search Engine Rankings – Improve your SEO and website ranking on search engines with SERP traffic and keyword targeting. Perfectly measurable and performance driven.
  • Generate Sales & Leads – Set the right focus to your potential customers. Break your campaign down to the niche and get higher paying leads and conversions in no time.
  • Content Related Visitors – Create awareness for your brand, company or get new readers for your blog. Draw attention to events with precise geo and content targeting.

Any website / URL that has any of the following are NOT permitted:

  • Websites with illegal, racist, or hateful content.
  • Websites with content we deem to be inappropriate for our visitors.
  • Phishing URLs, Trojans, Adware, Malware, etc.
  • I-frames that redirect to malicious websites.
  • Websites with download prompts.

We do not guarantee a client will receive sales / signups / conversions from the web site traffic we send. Our only guarantee is that we will send the dual targeted traffic ordered. So, if nothing comes from the traffic sent, we are held blameless and will not issue a refund.

In no event shall we be held liable for any consequential, direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, or other damages whatsoever arising from the use of our traffic service. We cannot be held responsible if your account is banned by any CPA or affiliate program. It is suggested you read carefully the Terms of Service of any program you are planning to use with our service to make sure it is in compliance with their ToS.