Are you having trouble deciding on a website platform for your eCommerce site?  Let’s dig a little bit into each platform so that you can have an easier time deciding which of the two is better for your eCommerce site.

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Joomla CMS

Joomla is a content management platform (CMS) that first launched in 2005. The website platform powers about 3 percent of the total websites on the Internet. Joomla has a lot of modules and components that give you more options for displaying different types of content. Moreover, it offers more control over managing users. The platform is recommended for online stores with a large blog and a large user base.

WordPress CMS

WordPress is a CMS platform that launched in 2003. Nearly 40 percent of the total websites are powered by this platform. WordPress is considered the easiest platform to create a website. You don’t need coding knowledge to create a WordPress website. However, basic CSS and PHP skills will allow you to customize the appearance of the online store. The platform has a large number of free and paid templates and themes. The development cost for your eCommerce store will be on the lower end when you select this platform. Another benefit of the platform is that ranking a WordPress website is easier.

Final Remarks

WordPress is a great option if you don’t have coding experience and can’t afford to hire expert website designers. The platform is recommended if you want to set up an online store quickly, without having to wait months for website design and development. In contrast, if you have coding experience, Joomla is the preferred platform. The platform is suitable for big eCommerce sites with lots of content. The design time and cost may be more, but you will get a solid and stable website.

In our opinion (and everyone has one…) no matter your technical ability; WordPress is the way to go: especially with the free included tools our Managed WordPress hosting offers !