Web hosting is a service that stores your website on a computer server. Online visitors can visit your site hosted on a server using a web browser. In this blog post, we have listed three important things you need to look for when selecting a web hosting service provider.  


Bandwidth is an important consideration when selecting a web hosting provider. It refers to the volume of information transferred per unit of time. High bandwidth means more data that can be transferred between your website server and users. To determine the bandwidth your website needs, you should know the following about your website.

  • Average webpage size
  • Average monthly visitors
  • Average page views per visitor
  • Safety factor of 1.8 to account for traffic spikes  

You should multiply the above four figures to know your bandwidth requirements. This will let you know whether the website hosting provider offers adequate bandwidth for your website.

Type of Hosting

Hosting type is also an important factor you should consider when selecting a web hosting provider.  The three common types of hosting include the following.

  • Shared server hosting A type of hosting where many websites share the same server. This is the recommended hosting type for new sites that receive small traffic.
  • Dedicated server hosting It is a more costly hosting service where an entire server is dedicated to a website. The hosting type offers maximum resources and security making it ideal for sites with large traffic.
  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting The hosting type provides a middle ground between a dedicated and shared server. Websites share a server in this type of hosting but they each have dedicated virtual resources. The hosting type is suitable for growing websites with medium traffic.


Reliability is another important factor to consider when selecting a website hosting provider. You should select a web hosting provider with at least 99.5 percent uptime. A high uptime means your website will remain online most of the time. This is a particularly important factor for e-commerce websites.

In Conclusion:

Keep the above three factors in mind when selecting a web hosting provider. We hope the blog post has simplified the process of selecting the best web hosting service for your website.