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Our SEO tools analyze your website and give you feedback on how you can optimize your website for search engines…

  • Our complete Search Engine Optimization solution to get high rankings on search engines.
  • Small and medium sized businesses use our solution because there’s no longer a need to buy multiple tools or services since we provide you actionable reports that offer everything that you need to get your website to the top of search results.
  • No location limits or report limits.
  • Our ranking monitor checks every keyword daily on three search engines (Google, Google Mobile and Bing). One keyword in our service counts as 21 keywords in other SEO tools (1 keyword * 3 search engines * 7 days).
  • Other SEO tool providers sell different modules and you have to pay extra for each module (link analysis, content optimization, ranking checks, etc.). Not with us !!!
  • You get much more information, and value, for your money with our Advanced SEO services.

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SEO Site Audit

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with our ADVANCED monthly search engine optimization services... We believe our professional services methodology will culminate in highly successful results for your website. With our SEO tactics, your website will be more accessible on the Internet via the leading search engines. The exact methodology to be rendered is individualized based on our audit of your website(s). In order to complete your audit, and start your campaign; we need you to complete this 3 part combined survey and order form.

1) About You & Your Company / Organization...

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Please list all / or as many keywords as you can, that you currently employ in your site's SEO. Place a comma between each keyword please.
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Demographic Focus(Required)
What is the demographic focus / target of your SEO efforts:
Do you employ or otherwise have access to Analytics ? NOTE: our system pulls data from G-Analytics, so if you do not employ or have access - your Reports will be seriously lacking !
What search Engine do you wish to target? If you do not enter one - we assume Google as a default choice...
Who are your top five (5) competitors? Please provide Name and website URL...

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