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SCMG Enterprises, LLC. provides a number of professional services in the web hosting and managed IT service fields, currently under the brand name of the World Wide Web Site Store. Initially in 2008 we started as a small ISP & web hosting company, and many years later began to branch out into managed services. Our business approach is human-oriented in that our client support is a center factor in the quality services that we offer…

All our web hosting IT services are here to make it easy for you to launch your web presence within a very short period of time. Following the latest web hosting market trends, we have compiled for you offerings that include all you need to translate your ideas into an attractive web site. With a few easy clicks you can get a domain, build a web site, create e-mail addresses, and start reaping the benefits of your unique online presence. Our ready made solutions and the online presence we provide in the ever expanding global network, enable small and medium-sized enterprise companies to take advantage of the World Wide Web from their websites and respective online activities. Hosting Support is indeed fundamental – so our skilled techs are available twenty–four–seven / three-sixty-five. We therefore offer you a promise that all support inquiries are addressed in just one hour. Check all our services @

All our managed IT services are here to help you turn your company’s capital expenses into monthly operating expenses and to free up your in house IT team (if you have one) to increase their efficiencies several fold, while decreasing their work load – which lets them focus more energy on supporting the staff on hand. Given some of the technology available, your annual / biennial / triennial capital expenses that can easily decimate planned expense budgets, can now be reduced to a simple, forecast-able, monthly, “utility” bill; which can be handled as an operating expense. Wouldn’t THAT be nice – to be able to almost predictably forecast out your business, secure in the knowledge that there are no capital busting expenditures looming around the next corner ? Check all our services @

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